TV Review: Netflix’s Dead to Me – Season 1


I first learned of Dead To Me, a new Netflix original, while I was just randomly browsing. I saw the trailer when it auto-played, and I was immediately intrigued. I love grief as a theme whether it’s in tv/movies/books – I think there is just something so emotionally relatable about it. So when I saw that Dead to Me was taking a dark comedy spin on grief, I was pretty much sold. I’m going to try to break down this review into different components, but rest assured, this will remain spoiler free.

However, before getting into the review I do want to post a trigger warning. This tv series shows mature, adult content. TW for loss of a loved one, issues surrounding fertility, miscarriages [graphic scenes depicting a miscarriage], and attempted sexual assault. I will always post TW because I want y’all to be able to enjoy the content I recommend, and that requires you to be in a safe mental/emotional/spiritual/physical place to do so.

I really loved watching all of our characters. Jen and Judy were amazing to watch. Both actresses did a phenomenal job delivering both comedic scenes and extremely emotional ones. I loved that I kind of hated all the characters? They were raw, complex, flawed, and often horrible. They made for strong characters and a compelling story line. Judy was my favorite. I felt every emotion while watching this character.

Dead to Me
gave a lot in terms of plot. While it’s dark comedy, it’s also mystery and suspense. While the first episode was somewhat slow (which makes sense as the pilot needs to world build), the ending of the first episode drew me in with the suspense element. I think it hit its stride mid-season. While the season seemingly sets itself up to revolve around one mystery, don’t draw any conclusions until you see the credits roll to the season finale.

Overall, I gave this one a 4/5. I really enjoyed it, and I will definitely be binge watching the second season when it releases. I’ve even convinced my boyfriend, Derek, to try it (and he has the best taste in tv/movies!) Y’all gotta let me know if you tried this one!


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